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Israel’s Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Your best friend is getting married and you probably started thinking of how you can throw her a bachelorette party she will never forget. Once your guests list is ready you are ready to move to the next almost most important step: searching for a place to host the event. LOCATION , LOCATION , LOCATION – sometimes it’s almost as important as the food and the party itself.

When looking for a place, first and most importantly is to think about the bride’s style and character and what would make her feel most comfortable and have a blast at the same time – what is the nature of the party that she would dream of ? A big tent in the desert, a day of getting pampered at the Spa or perhaps at luxurious overnight stay at a villa up north with fun games and partying? Israel offers a variety of stunning locations to host a bachelorette parties from North to South and everything beautiful in between. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind the number of girls invited and the budget.

No doubt there are countless of possibilities, and this is exactly why we are here for – to assist you with such dilemmas. We selected a variety of unique places so you can throw the most memorable bachelorette ever. 



Royal Albert in Goren: at the foot of the Monfort Castle in the Upper Galilee region, lies a romantic and modern villa with European touches and world antiques that offers a luxurious and comfortable overnight stay for up to 20 girls. There is a modern spa area where you can relax indoor and a beautiful English garden if you prefer to hang out. The host offers home made delicacies and a rich breakfast included in the price. This upcoming summer they will have a swimming pool as well. 

Number of guests accommodated: maximum of 20 girls

Extras: The Beautiful Monfort Castle is just a short walk away

Average Prices (season dependent): 4,000 NIS per night Breakfast is included in the price for 15 girls.The place can host up to 20 girls. 

Special discount for My Day Readers: 10% discount 

Israel's Best Bachelorette Party Locations Israel's Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Royal Albert

Switzerland Villa in the Galilee in Avdon: Switzerland has never been closer! In a countryside setting up on a secluded cliff overlooking breathtaking views, lie 2 fully equipped villas which offer complete privacy for 11 guests. Each villa has its own private pool which can be used during the hot summer days or the cold winter nights. Nahariya is just a short drive away. 

Number of guests accommodated: the 2 villas can host up to 11 guests each. 

Extras: A country breakfast can be ordered on request as well as massage treatments. 

Average Prices (season dependent): The prices ranges between 3,000 – 3,500 NIS per one night during OFF SEASON. During peak season there is a minimum of 3 nights on the weekend.One night is subject to availability.

Special discount for My Day Readers: 10% discount for midweek and 5% for weekend bookings during the OFF SEASON. 

Israel's Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Switzerland Villa in the Galilee

Mama Morocco in Hatzor Haglilit: If Jasmin was having a bachelorette party it would have probably been in this Moroccan styled mansion in the Upper Galilee. Mama Morocco offers an authentic Moroccan experience with modern touches where you can enjoy comfortable large spaces and a spectacular swimming pool and spa facing the panoramic Galilee views. Up to 20 girls can enjoy the luxurious Moroccan furniture to and the fully equipped mansion where they will feel like princesses for one night. 

Number of guests accommodated: a maximum of 20 girls

Extras: pre – booked belly dancing sessions for a complete Moroccan experience

Average Prices (season dependent): 4,500 NIS for one night on the weekend & 3,500 NIS for one night mid-week.

Special discount for My Day Readers: 10% discount 

Israel's Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Israel's Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Mama Morocco

The Wood Cabin in Amirim: In the pastoral moshav in the Galilee between Safed and Karmiel you can find a hidden magical wooden cabin in a Swiss design where you can enjoy a more conservative and quiet experience where it’s only you, your girls and nature. As it’s located in Amirim, a vegetarian settlement, only vegetarian food is allowed in the cabin. Overlooking the main yard, the cabin can fit up to 8 girls where you can enjoy a cozy stay with your best friends.

Number of guests accommodated: a maximum of 8 girls

Extras: pre booked spa treatments, Tarot Cards gathering an even jeep tours.

Average Prices (season dependent): 800 NIS per couple and a 100 NIS for each extra girl. Meaning 1,400 NIS for 8 girls. 

Special discount for My Day Readers: 5% discount // 10% off for a 2 night booking Off Season. 

Israel's Best Bachelorette Party Locations

The Wood Cabin 

Ateret Ha-Halomot in Migdal: This top – state of the art villa is what luxury looks and feels like. With the spectacular views of the Sea of Galilee, this prestigious villa offers two options whether you want to spend the night or just stay one day.You can take a dip at the outdoor heated swimming pool or relax in the Jacuzzi spa. The compound includes also a BBQ spot, pool table. A Synagogue is within walking distance.

Number of guests accommodated: a maximum of 16 girls

Extras: For a complete luxury experience, you can book a private chef to cook you dinner or enjoy horseback riding upon booking.

Average Prices (season dependent): 5,000 NIS per night on the weekend and 3,900 NIS during the week

Special discount for My Day Readers: 4,500 NIS per night on the weekend and 3,600 NIS midweek.

Israel's Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Ateret Ha-Halomot

Galilee Dreams Cabins in Yavne’el: This beautiful countryside compound has everything you and your girlfriends need for a perfect getaway. Located in the historic settlement of Yavne’el just 5 minutes from the Sea of Galilee, the complex offers a variety of staying options; two sweet and romantic villas and 4 cabins, a tennis table BBQ areas, heated and covered swimming pool in the winter.

Number of guests accommodated: the 4 lodges can host up to 4 girls each//one villa for 12 guests//one villa for 8 guests

Extras: for extra activities, you can enjoy horseback riding, ATV’s and much more.  

Prices for an over night in the weekend: Villa for 12 guests: 3,500 NIS// Villa for 8 guests: 2,000 NIS//A cabin for 4 guests: 950 NIS 

Special discount for My Day Readers: 5% discount

Israel's Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Israel's Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Galilee Dreams Cabins

The Castle in Kerem-Maharal: This amazing stone-fortress is situated in Hof Hacarmel 5 minutes away from the cost. It sits on top of a historical hill and was restored into one of the most beautiful architectural buildings in the country. In fact, it’s the only structure in Israel from the 11th century that is privately owned. It’s a spacious two-story with 2 luxurious suites that can fit up to 15 guests. There is no swimming pool or Spa on site, however you don’t really need it with this beauty.

Number of guests accommodated: a maximum of 15 girls

Extras: the location offers a variet of activities: cooking workshops, horseback riding, spa treatments, a private chef, Habonim beach is a short drive away.

Average Price: The prices range from 4,000-5,000 NIS on the weekends and between 3,000-4,000 during the week. There is an option to spend a full one day on site – subject to availability. 

Special discount for My Day Readers: 10% discount on weekdays

Israel's Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Israel's Best Bachelorette Party Locations




Petite Provence in Yanuv: What’s great about our country is that you don’t have to drive far in order to get away. In the heart of the Sharon plain lies a stunning boutique hotel and spa with a French scent – endless grapevines, excellent wine, gourmet food and a picturesque pool. If you wish have a short getaway to France for a few hours with your girlfriends, you can spend the day at this gorgeous site and enjoy its many facilities. 

The package includes: between 10:00 – 17:00 you will enjoy a 25 minute massage treatment, coffee and pastries, a big brunch, full usaage of the facilities (the swimming pool, the jacuzzi spa, the tanning deck, the fish pedicure). 

Price: 400 NIS per person during weekdays only, and a minimum of 7 persons. During the weekend the price may vary and it’s subject to availability. 

Israel's Best Bachelorette Party Locations

 Petite Provence

Indigo Hotel in Tel Aviv: For the urban bride who wants a full day of a lifestyle experience, the Indigo Hotel offers just that: a rooftop infinity pool and lounge bar with Tel Aviv skyline as your view, a beautiful sundeck, a top class Spa and an overall classy experience. 

The package includes: The packages are custom made according to your preferences. The basic package includes a full usage of the swimming pool area between 10:00-17:00, a 30 minute massage treatment and a big breakfast at the hotel dinning area. 

Prices: 300 NIS per person for the basic package during weekdays only. You can upgrade the package to include alcohol beverages for 520 NIS per person, or even fully pamper yourself and stay an overnight at the hotel for 950 NIS per couple in a classic room with breakfast included. (Please contact the Hotel Spa for bookings)

Special discount for My Day Readers: 5% discount for “Indigo Mood” packages (including brunch and a massage) – valid until October 2015. No double discounts. The special offer is valid for 10 girls and more. 

Israel's Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Photo Credit: Itay Sikolski – Indigo Hotel 

Odem Haela in Emek Haela: located in the pastoral moshav of Mata with the Judaean Mountains as its backdrop and many springs just a short distance away, lies this gorgeous compound where you can enjoy a few hours of pure rustic ambiance in one of the most beautiful areas in the country and in the outskirts of Jerusalem. 

Number of guests accommodated: a minimum of 10 girls to participate

The package includes: five hours to enjoy the complex and its high quality facilities: the heated swimming pool, seating areas, a sound system and an equipped kitchen.  

Extras: You can pre-book a winery tour that is a short drive away.

Prices: 2,000 NIS for 10-15 people (there is a minimum of 10 girls). For over 20 people, there is an extra of 130 NIS + VAT for each extra girl. 

Special discount for My Day Readers: 10% discount// For 25 people and more there will be a 15% discount. 

Israel's Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Odem Haela



Matnat Midbar Khan in Tlalim: There is something about the desert that automatically sets us calm and at ease. Perhaps it’s the feeling of isolation and peace or maybe the endless horizon of sand an mountains, either way we know there is something special about it. Matnat Hamidbar Khan is located 10 minutes north from Sde Boker on a hill facing the view where you can wake up to a beautiful desert sunrise. The place offers two kinds of sleeping arrangements: for those who prefer a desert experience that is closer to home with its facilities and with full privacy, you have two lodges that can fit up to 8 girls each with a small private pool, towels and linen and air conditioning. For those who look for a more authentic, large group experience of sleeping on mattresses with hot showers and toilets and electricity in the complex for your convenience. The guests can enjoy two large wrought iron fireplaces during cold winter nights. 

Number of guests accommodated: the 2 lodges can host up to 8 girls each//the Khan can accommodate up to 40 guests.

Extras: Ein Avdat Canyon is 10 minutes away, Ramon Crater is also a drive away, public bath house with a Spa in Neve Midbar, you can book camel riding, sand dunes surfing, spa therapists, special dairy restaurants close by, belly dancer, bicycle tours and many more surprises. 

Prices: There are 2 lodges in total and each lodge is a total of 2,000 NIS for 8 girls per night (800 per couple+ extra 200 NIS for each extra guest). The Khan can fit up to 40 guests and it’s 120 NIS per person with a minimal cost of 2,000 NIS to rent it. 

Special discount for My Day Readers: 1,700 NIS for a minimal cost to rent the Khan during July and August.

Israel's Best Bachelorette Party Locations

Matnat Midbar Khan 


We hope you didn’t get lost in the abundant of different and unique places where you can host the most perfect bachelorette party. Once you choose the location that suits your party best, it’s time to think of a cool concept or theme! Stay tuned to find out the most awesome party ideas in our next post that will come up real soon.