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Beachside Weddings in Israel

Last week was a post dedicated to all of Israel’s best venues for a winery wedding. This week is a similar post but rather than wineries it’s all about one of Israel’s best assets: Beaches. Whether you are looking to have a small ceremony next to the waves or a large party overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Israel’s beaches and coastline is full of perfect spots for any beach wedding. Here are some of my favorites venues to choose from:

Bait al Hayam-  Just at the meeting point of Old Yaffa & Tel Aviv sits the indoor/outdoor venue Bait al Hayam. Bait al Hayam (or” House on the Sea”) will give your wedding an elegant, beachy feel with your chuppah overlooking the waves and dinner and dancing inside a room of floor to ceiling windows.

Beachside Weddings in Israel

Bamboo Village- Featured in Hatunot’s 2011 Wedding of the Year, Bamboo Village is a restaurant open for events that sits beachside in Netanya. If you are looking to have a barefoot chuppah ceremony on the sand transition into a modern sitdown reception, Bamboo Village is definitely a must see.

Beachside Weddings in Israel

 Cochav HaYam- For large groups, try Cochav HaYam a venue on the beaches of Caesarea. 600-1,000 guests can party under the stars in the summer months or look at the amazing views through glass windows in the winter season.

Beachside Weddings in Israel

Cassiopeia- Cassiopeia overlooks the Mediterreanean Sea in Herzilya from inside and out. The walls of the venue are glass, and the outside area is large enough for a grand chuppah over the water.

Al Ha Yam- If you’d like a Caesarea wedding but your group is too small for Cassiopeia or Cochav HaYam, check out Al HaYam which fits up to 600 guests. The large grass lawn overlooks the sea and has in-house catering and a large lighting structure over the chuppah/dancefloor area.

Beachside Weddings in Israel

Gordo  If you’re looking for a venue that is authentically Tel Aviv, make sure to take a look at Gordo off of Tel Aviv’s Gordon Beach. Gordo, a restaurant/lounge can be closed for private events up to 400 guests and works for a formal sit down dinner or a chic lounge wedding.

Beachside Weddings in Israel Cahol Inside the Dan Hotel in Haifa, Cahol lives up to it’s Hebrew name, “blue” as it overlooks the pristine waters of Hof HaCarmel. A large space, Cahol offers packages that include everything from the venue, food, lighting, decor and beyond.

Beachside Weddings in Israel

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  1. 3.15.2015

    thanks for this great article

  2. 8.23.2014

    Warning about doing an event at Cassiopeia in Herziliya–DON’T!!! The only thing they did with ease was cash our checks for the wedding my daughter had there two weeks ago. They thieved us of thousands of shekels and they didn’t keep their end of the contract on so many areas that it’s too long a posting. If anyone is thinking about using them for anything…feel free to message me and i will elaborate further. This is the site I got their name from, to begin with. If you are not israeli or an oleh you will be sucked dry. it’s a promise…the only one you can count on from them. HUGE MISTAKE!!

    • rick

      we are olim considering cassiopeia. why do you recommend against it?

  3. T

    GORDO in Tel Aviv – really unprofessional service! they do not know how to deal with foreigners, they say one prize and charge another. NOT RECOMMENDED!