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Finding The Right Fit

Engaged or not, most women have an idea of their dream wedding dress and what it will look like. And while this image often changes with trends in the fashion world and the latest post we’ve seen on Pinterest, it is important to keep in mind that each body type may take on a gown very differently. Whether you are pear shaped with great arms, small chested or “well endowed” here is a little guide on how to choose the right wedding dress for your body type:

 If You’re Pear Shaped (hips wider than shoulders): The pear shaped gal looks best in gowns that don’t cling. Traditional A-line dresses are typically the most flattering as they flow from the waist line and elongate the torso while gradually extending out to a full skirt, as well as ball gowns which hide that badunkadunk.

Finding The Right FitIris Sofer Akonis 

If You’re Hourglass Shaped (equal weight in the bust and hips and thin at the waist) You’ve got curves so make sure to show them off right. An hourglass girl can pretty much wear all types of dreses from ballgown to A-line to sheath. A toned hourglass shape will look great in a mermaid gown, however if you are shy about showing off your lower half. Also, stay away from dresses that do not come in at the waist as they can often make you look heavier than you actually are.

Finding The Right FitDaniel Goldberg


If You’re Apple Shaped (thin hips and legs with a wider chest and torso) Create the illusion of a small waist with a corset styled gown or a belt or ribbon at the waist. V- necks and halters also do well with your shape as they focus less on the vertical. Stay away from mermaid gowns as they accentuate the top of the body rather than your best attribute, your legs.

Finding The Right Fit



If You’re Banana Shaped (straight build with less waist definition) The right dress can easily make you look like the curviest girl in the room if it accentuates the waist line. If you have broad shoulders avoid spaghetti straps as they tend to make the shoulders look even wider, and consider an A-line or princess shaped gown as it will comein an out at all the right places.

Finding The Right Fit

Hila Gaon


If You’re Busty- Don’t add extra attention to your chest by having too much fabric, bows, and other details in the chest area. Try to keep away from strapless gowns and opt for scooped necklines and V necks. If you must have a straples gown, opt for a sweetheart neckline which will still create a similar dip. Ladies with full chests should always make a point to find a supportive bra on their wedding day, that way you wont have a full wedding album of you adjusting yourself all night. To avoid straps, dress makers can sew your bra into the dress so nothing shows.

Finding The Right FitLimor Rosen

If You’re Small Chested- Small chested brides should opt for a bodice that has extra fabric, like ruching, which adds volume to your upper half. Also keep in mind that today’s bra is no joke, and investing in the right bra can give a real boost and make all the difference.

Finding The Right Fit

Mira Zwillinger

If You’re Petite- Keep in mind that you are wearing the dress…and it shouldnt be wearing you. With that said, Petite brides should stay away from big and ornate gowns as their bodies may drown in all the fabric. Ballgowns are OK as long as they aren’t too large and are kept rather simple, however you’d look great in a short dress or or something with the waist line above the natural waist(like an empire waist) therefore elongating your lower half.

Finding The Right Fit

Ronen Farache

If You’re Tall- Being tall means many of the dresses that look great on the models can actually also look good on you! Rather than look like you are wearing a doll’s gown by wearing 3/4 length sleeves or a short party dress, your gown should accentuate all your long proporations. Opt for a floor length gown with a lower waist or a mermaid gown.

Finding The Right Fit

Yaki Ravid