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How to Create a Wedding Website

Not only is creating your own wedding website a great way for you to tell your story and give your guests easy access to all the practical info they need about your wedding, they are also a great planning tool and most importantly, something that will forever be yours. If until now you were worried that you just don’t have the techie skills needed to create your own site, or that it would take up too much time, luckily Israeli company WIX has stepped up and are now offering completely easy to use wedding site templates that will have your site up and running in less than an hour. 

There’s no coding involved and you don’t need to be a techy or a designer. You can customize any of hundreds of templates – and it’s all free.

You can choose from their already designed wedding templates and use their App Market to find the planning features that will make your planning that much easier.  Just follow these four simple steps below and your personalized wedding website site can be live in no time! 


Signing up is free! After you sign up, use the “Create” menu to view dozens of templates. Find the Wedding & Events category and browse through the templates to find the one you love.



Now it’s time to personalize your template. This is where the fun begins!
Everything can be changed from colors and photos to fonts, backgrounds and more! Everything can be dragged and dropped, duplicated or deleted. So feel free to play around! 

When designing your wedding website, make sure to check out the new Wix App Market. Applications allow you to add special features to your site: RSVPs, a countdown or a gallery of photos. You can add your favorite song gently playing the background or set up your gift registry so it’s integrated right into to the site.

How to Create a Wedding Website

How to Create a Wedding Website



That’s it! Once your design is complete and you LOVE it, it’s time to connect your custom domain. All features and templates are included for free, but starting from just $8/month, you can upgrade any site and connect to a custom domain that’s easy to remember.



Now that it’s live, you want share it!  You can Integrate Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and more right into your site and then use them to show off your skills. Don’t be surprised if your friends don’t believe you did it yourself! 

 How to Create a Wedding Website