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How to Look Fabulous in Your Wedding Day Photos

Wedding day photography shoots often provide some of the most frameable photos of the entire day. Although you may think that the quality of your wedding day photography shoot inevitabley depends on your photographer, there is some preparation that you and your partner can do to make your photographs even better. Here are some tips we’ve put together that don’t take up to much time and effort, but will make all the difference.

1) Be Yourself

We’re often our worst critics when it comes to pictures. There is no room for that when it comes to your wedding day photos. Even if you are a bit self conscious about having a lens pointed at you for so long, if you feel comfortable and natural in the moment it will shine through the photos. Enjoy the fact that you look beautiful and try to keep the awkwardness level down to zero! If you love yourself, the camera will love you too.

How to Look Fabulous in Your Wedding Day Photos

 You are most beautiful when you are yourself. Photo by Efrat Lobel

2) Enjoy the Moment

This is your and your spouces moment, and the pre-wedding photo session is all about capturing the romance, emotion, excitement and intimacy of the day. Remember that during the event you will have so much action going on that alone time with your loved one will be scarce. Use the photo session for some true one on one time together and try to forget the presence of a photographer.

How to Look Fabulous in Your Wedding Day Photos

Photo by Photogenim

3) Have a Plan

Couples often rely on their photographer to choose the location of their wedding day photo shoot, and while the pros do know some great spots (especially in terms of lighting and composition) you should also make sure to think about options as well so that you don’t regret a missed opportunity for a unique environment. There is plenty of room for creativity and input in choosing your location and in the end you will benefit from having the photographs taken somewhere that you are comfortable with (not all brides like to wander the streets or frolic in the fields in their bridal gowns). Also, keep in mind that sometimes wedding days don’t always run according to schedule, so a great tactic is staying in a hotel that doubles as a great photography location. That way you won’t feel rushed and can feel comfortable knowing a quick makeup fix is only an elevator away.

How to Look Fabulous in Your Wedding Day Photos

Photo by Ori Sadeh

A lovely photoshoot at the Brown Hotel TLV

4) Touch base with your photographer about what’s important to you

Even if you have chosen a photographer that seems to suit your style, it is still important to point out the little elements that are extra important to you. For example, if you love still photography of the gown hanging, shoes in a unique location, close up of the rings, invitations etc… your photographer should know before hand so they make sure to include each element in their shots. It never hurts to cover all your bases so you don’t end up disappointed.

How to Look Fabulous in Your Wedding Day Photos

Photo by Aya and Avi Art Photography

How to Look Fabulous in Your Wedding Day Photos

Photo by Sigala Photography

Tell your photographer about specific details you want photographed like your bouquet or shoes

5) Bring Props

From a gown hanger carved with the word “Bride”, a lace umbrella or funny wedding signs, props are a great way to bring a sense of creativity and fun into your wedding photos. There are endless options in scoring fun and beautiful props (like raiding your grandmothers closet or browsing through etsy.com) and its a small effort that will pay off once the photos will arrive.

How to Look Fabulous in Your Wedding Day Photos

6) Browse what others have done before you

Perhaps the best way to get an idea of what you want is to browse those of other couples for inspiration. Through their images you can choose the photographer that suits your style, the location you can see yourself in, ideas for props you might want to use and feel more at ease about your own wedding day shoot.