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Hatunot Blog is a fun-loving website, but even wedding lovers need to get serious sometimes. Read below for our site terms including content ownership and our policies.


Our Terms:

* Hatunot Blog reserves the right to edit and remove posts and content without prior notice.

* Hatunot Blog credits photos and content from their sources whenever appropriate, however the rightful owners of pictures who do not want their photos on this blog are welcome to notify us by emailing [email protected] and it will be removed promptly. Hatunot welcomes other bloggers and wedding aficionados to repost the content and pictures of Hatunot Blog, as long as each photo and article it is properly credited and fully links to the original post.

* Hatunot Blog works hard to find out the most factual and accurate information on every bit of information we post. However, Hatunot Blog makes no claim to prices or deals listed on our site and can therefore not be held responsibly for any discrepancies or monetary differences.

* If you become aware of any material on our website that you believe infringes your or any other person’s copyright, please report this by email to [email protected]